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Welcome To The Website of the
Upper French River Cottagers Association


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The French River is located in Ontario, Canada, and defines the boundary between Parry Sound and Nipissing Districts. The French River flows southwest from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay. The "Upper" French River lies between Lake Nipissing and the Chaudiere Dams at Dokis First Nation. An historic First Nation and fur trade canoe route, the French River is now a Provincial Park, the home to citizens of Dokis First Nation, and the summer residence of hundreds of cottagers.

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May News

0 views (46 Kb) Ni    French River Research
Posted May 25, 2016

The Upper French River Cottagers Association has been asked to assist with the collection of water samples as part of a survey on the French River.

Dr. April James (Nipissing University Department of Geography, Canada Research Chair – Watershed Analysis and Modeling) and her team are looking for volunteer residents to be part of a stable water isotope survey on the French River during the summer of 2016. The goal is to collect several ‘snap-shot-in-time’ surveys of river water over the Canada Day weekend (July 2nd - 3rd), the last weekend of July (July 30th-31st) and the last weekend of August (27-28th). Stable water isotopes are increasingly included in surveys of water quality and can provide complementary information on water movement. This project will allow us to better understand the movement and cycling of water through the Sturgeon River-Lake Nipissing-French River basin.

For the letter from Dr. April James to the UFRCA, click here. .
Related Links:
The Integrative Watershed Research Centre general web site:   
French River Survey link:

How to register?

To register please complete the online sampling registration form or contact Dr. James by phone or email (contact information below). Enter your information on the form, click on the e-mail icon above the form, and an e-mail with the attachment will be set up. Enter the e-mail address below. Surveys are scheduled for the Canada Day weekend (July 2nd-3rd), the last weekend of July (July 30th-31st) and the last weekend of August (27-28th). Volunteers can sign up for one, several or all dates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Dr. April James
Canada Research Chair – Watershed Analysis and Modeling
Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Nipissing University, North Bay, ON, CA, P1B 8L7
Email:; Tel: 705-474-3450 X 4062

Sampling Instructions:
The UFRCA will also endeavour to make sampling kits available to members. 

0 views (46 Kb)  Calendar of Events
In Events, see  for the July and August calendar of events. Also see the French River Park page for a list of events at the French River Park Visitors Centre.

0 views (46 Kb)  Register for the Dock Sale by May 25
The Dock Sale is slated for July 23, 2016. The posted deadline (May 23) for expressing interest in the event is rapidly approaching. Since May 23 falls on a Holiday, we have extended the deadline until Wednesday May 25th. As a reminder, members are asked to let Jeff Hamilton know (  that they are interested in having a sale and a few bits of information including (1) a short list of the major items they plan to sell and (2) the location of their cottage.  The seller’s information will be compiled in a brochure, complete with a map showing where all the sales are located.  The brochure will read like the garage sale section of the newspaper classifieds.  The brochure will be sent out via email to all members, and we will put printed copies and posters at various locations such as Riverview, Sandy Haven, and Starlite. Whether you’re at the cottage this weekend or just dreaming about it, think about being a host seller. Contact Jeff by May 25th to get involved in this fun UFRCA event. For more details on the July 23 Dock Sale, see Events / Dock Sale.

  0 views (46 Kb)  It’s May, and it’s time to think about …

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 It’s May, summer will soon be here, and it’s time to think about renewing your UFRCA membership. The 2016-17 membership form is now posted on the Membership Form page. See the Membership Information page for full details. You can still send your membership form and cheque by mail, but now you can do it on-line and pay by either Interac E-Transfer from any Canadian financial institution, or by credit card using PayPal.

E-mail and real mail letters and membership forms have been sent to current members as well as many past members. The current membership year ends June 30; renew now and keep your membership active as we get into the busy summer months.

With cottage season starting soon, it’s also time to think about recycling. For the specifics on recycling at Dokis Riverview Marina and in West Nipissing, see Specific rules differ in various municipalities, so know what the policies are wherever you take your recycling articles.

0 views (46 Kb)  Great fishing plus great scenery equals …
Posted May 8, 2016

For super French River scenery and some savvy fishing, check out this You Tube video created by John Fry.

0 views (46 Kb)  Nipissing officially clear of ice
Posted May 6, 2016

The official date as declared in the North Bay Nugget is May 5, the same as last year. See

0 views (46 Kb)  Nipissing clear of ice today?
Posted May 5, 2016

The NASA satellite view shows a few small areas that could either be wispy clouds or the last remnants of ice. Otherwise, it looks clear. We will await the decision to be posted soon in the North Bay Nugget. The official date could actually be yesterday, May 4, or today.

0 views (46 Kb)  Lake Nipissing not quite clear of ice
Posted May 3, 2016

We learned on May 2 that there is clear sailing from the Sturgeon River to Wigwam Channel and behind Sandy Island to access the Upper French River. Ice and slush predominate in a large area from east of Sandy Island to the Manitous. Callander Bay is completely clear as is the east end of the lake near North Bay. The ice has shifted to the north side near Nipissing FN. It's predicted that the lake will be clear of ice any day. 

   0 views (46 Kb)  River Open
Posted May 1, 2016

We have heard from very reliable sources that the river was free of ice yesterday, April 30, and some early bird cottagers have been in to their cottages to get an early start on summer. On Lake Nipissing, there are areas of open water appearing, and the lake may be ice-free by mid-week.

Unfortunately, there have also been reports of break-ins. Please contact any Board member or and keep us informed of any criminal activity. We can then add pressure to OPP and WN Police to be better involved when cottagers report break-ins and thefts.

April News

0 views (46 Kb) Walleye Survey Underway
Posted April 30, 2016

For the North Bay Nugget article see 

0 views (46 Kb)  Nipissing starting to break up - Upper French partly open
Posted April 28, 2016

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This photo taken April 27 at the North Bay waterfront shows ice piled up at the shore and blackish-gray ice. The Nipissing Stewardship Council web cam  (which looks south-east from near the Sturgeon River) shows a lot of open water and white ice in the background. Iron Island is mid-photo in the distance. Today is the average date for the lake to be declared free of ice, but it will probably take several more days. 

According to Valarie at Riverview Cottages and Marina, the Upper French is open up to the narrows where there is ice. People are in at Lunge and Chaudière Lodges. Satchels Bay and Hardy Bay remain ice covered.  It is very windy and ice is moving around, so expect conditions to change over the next few days.


0 views (46 Kb)  Nipissing Remains Ice-covered
Updated April 26, 2016

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The photo at left was taken April 26 from the end of Cranberry Trail (just south of North Bay) looking west on Lake Nipissing towards the French. Open water is evident along the shoreline. On Callander Bay, the ice is turning very dark and it may be clear of ice in a day or so. The NASA satellite view (see the link below in the March 23 posting) shows distinct gray areas indicating thinning ice. but the lake level is very high at 195.85 metres above sea level, which is in the summer operating range. There have been reports of flooding in the Lower French region. Cool and very dry weather will help alleviate the risk of flooding in the Lake Nipissing and Upper French area, but high water plus shifting ice during breakup could cause problems with docks and other shoreline structures.


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Posted April 19, 2016
Parts of the river are now open. The photo was taken by Clayton Dokis on April 19, looking upriver from Charlie's Bay. Lake Nipissing remains ice-covered and probably won't be open for several weeks. Click on photo to enlarge.

0 views (46 Kb) Dokis First Nation Power Generating Station on Facebook
Posted April 11, 2016

For some wonderful aerial photography of Dokis First Nation and their new power generating station view the video below.


0 views (46 Kb)  Photo contest entry deadline April 15
Posted April 1, 2016

The deadline for photo contest entries is April 15. So search through your photos of past summer memories and send your best three (per person) to Jeff Hamilton at Open to UFRCA members only. See all details at 

the UFRCA dock sale is slated for Saturday July 23. Details were in the March newsletter and can be seen at To be a host, contact Jeff at Hosts must be UFRCA members.


March News

0 views (46 Kb) When will the ice be off?
Posted March 23, 2016

With a very mild winter behind us and recent spring-like conditions, interest is starting to grow about the ice on Lake Nipissing and the Upper French. Many are probably anticipating a very early ice-off date. But don’t get too excited just yet! The Lake Nipissing region has returned to more winter-like weather and there is much snow (about 60 cm or 2 feet) in the bush. While creeks are running, there has been a slowdown with the spring freshet. The long range 14-day weather forecast (as of March 23) shows most nights in the next two weeks to below freezing, and there is no warm trend on the way.

The earliest ever recorded ice-off date was April 3, 1945, and there has never been a March date recorded. The average date is April 28, with the average range extending from April 19 to May 7. Last year’s official date was May 5.
See for the list of ice-off dates for the last 115 years.

You can keep track of the ice situation on Lake Nipissing on this NASA web site:
First, adjust the date on the scale shown at the bottom of the screen to the present and to get a view of Lake Nipissing on a clear day. (See March 20 for example.) You'll see a bit of gray ice in South Bay and Callander Bay, so the melt is starting. But the rest of the lake is very white, and the albedo or reflective quality of snow slows down heating and melting. Note that all the Great Lakes are clear of ice – quite different from last year at this time. With Georgian Bay free of ice, we can predict a warmer than average spring in this area. But the safe bet for the ice-off date on Nipissing would still be April 28: the average date. 

0 views (46 Kb) March Newsletter Distributed to Members
Posted March 3, 2016

The March newsletter was distributed to members on March 3. If you should have received it but did not, please contact The March 3 newsletter (and all newsletters) can be viewed in the Newsletters section found on the Members Menu.  Members must Log in first to view these pages. Please note that an e-mail address for Sandy Haven Camp has been corrected to   T T  
  B N        
0 views (46 Kb) New Web Site Pages
We have two new web site pages. See "Links" at the bottom of the main menu for a list of local media and information web sites which will be of interest to UFRCA cottagers and anyone in the French River and Lake Nipissing region. In "Events" see the new UFRCA Events Calendar for July and August 2016.


February News

0 views (46 Kb)       March Newsletter
Watch for the March 2016 newsletter coming soon.

0 views (46 Kb) Poor ice conditions
  Posted February 11, 2016

Authorities have issued warnings about poor ice conditions on area lakes and rivers. Read more.

0 views (46 Kb)  Posted February 8, 2016
Nipissing First Nation has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to manage the fishery in Lake Nipissing. See 

January News

 0 views (46 Kb)  Changes to Membership Form and Payment of Membership Fees
Re-posted January 23, 2016

For new or returning members, there are now two choices for submitting your membership form and paying your annual membership fees. You may fill out and complete the standard membership form and mail it with your cheque to our treasurer, or complete the on-line form and pay by either Interac e-Transfer or by Credit Card using PayPal. See the Membership Information page and the Membership Form page. Note that the present membership form is for the current year 2015-16, which ends June 30, 2016.

0 views (46 Kb)  Asian Carp found in Lake Erie
Posted January 5, 2016


An article on the CBC web site  indicates the invasive species Asian Carp has been found in Lake Erie. A growing population of Asian Carp has become widespread in US waterways, and a narrow barrier in Chicago between the Illinois River and Lake Michigan has been a focal point of concern for some time. See:

For the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Fact Sheet on Asian Carp species, see
The Invasive Species Centre is holding a competition for innovations on how to keep these fish out. See: 

0 views (46 Kb)  Water levels high as Lake Nipissing finally freezes over
Posted January 5, 2016

 December was extremely warm all across Ontario, and freeze-up was delayed almost 4 weeks later than last year when Lake Nipissing was ice-covered on December 3, 2014. Unofficially, Lake Nipissing and the Upper French may have been ice-covered on or around December 31, 2015. The bad news is that the level of Lake Nipissing rose back to the summer level through December. This may cause problems with docks in the spring.

December News

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Best wishes for 2016.

0 views (46 Kb)  Changes to Membership Form and Payment of Membership Fees
Posted December 17, 2015

For new or returning members, there are now two choices for submitting your membership form and paying your annual membership fees. You may fill out and complete the standard membership form and mail it with your cheque to our treasurer, or complete the on-line form and pay by either Interac e-Transfer or by Credit Card using PayPal. See the Membership Information page and the Membership Form page. Note that the present membership form is for the current year 2015-16, which ends June 30, 2016.

0 views (46 Kb)  Municipality of French River Raises Boundary Realignment
Posted December 2, 2015 (and featured in the December 1 Newsletter to members)

Through our West Nipissing Councillor Guy Fortier, UFRCA was informed recently that the Municipality of French River (main office in Noelville) has made an initial approach to West Nipissing (main office in Sturgeon Falls) about the possibility of redrawing their mutual boundary - a move that could potentially affect cottagers in Bertram Township. Read more here.
0 views (46 Kb)  December Newsletter Distributed
Posted December 1, 2015

The December newsletter was distributed to UFRCA members on December 1. If you should have received it but did not, please contact

November News

0 views (46 Kb)  Photo Contest 2016
Details for the 2016 annual UFRCA photo contest are now posted. See the Events page.

0 views (46 Kb)  Upcoming Newsletter
The next newsletter will be distributed on December 1 to current UFRCA members.

0 views (46 Kb) Watkins Cottage Lightning Strike and Fire
Several photos from the July 31 lightning strike and fire at the Watkins cottage are now posted. See below and also in the Photo Gallery.

October News

0 views (46 Kb)  October Newsletter and Memberships 
Current members received the first newsletter of the season on October 19. Note that this was sent by e-mail to those members who have paid their membership fees for 2015-16. Returning and new members are always welcome. Membership forms are available in the Members menu at the left, but contact if you have any concerns or inquiries. Past newsletters are available for view in the Members-only section of the web site. Members must log in to view those pages.

0 views (46 Kb)  Draft AGM Minutes now posted
The Draft Minutes from the AGM held on August 2, 2015, have now been posted in the Members' section of the website.

Break-ins reported
Unfortunately, we have heard reports that there have been break-ins occurring in the Sandy Island and Blueberry Island areas. The police have been informed.

September News

0 views (46 Kb)  Closing the cottage routines - keep potential thieves in mind
Posted September 24, 2015

West Nipissing Police have sent this communication as a reminder to keep would-be thieves in mind when closing for the winter. And reduce off-season environmental damage by following many common sense suggestions. To view, click here. 

0 views (46 Kb)  July 31 Storm
On the afternoon of Friday July 31, a series of intense electrical storms passed through the area. Below are accounts of two lightning strikes and the resulting volunteer efforts to deal with them.

0 views (46 Kb) Lightning strike and fire at the Watkins’ cottage
Posted September 8, 2015
Contributed by Amy Watkins

1 view (278 Kb)

On July 31, 2105, while sitting on our porch, lightning struck a tree 30 feet away from us. Flames rose immediately and we evacuated the cottage because the fire was only a couple of feet from our propane tanks. We went through the woods to my parents’ cottage to get to a phone (ours had exploded and melted from the strike). Their phone was out as well. We left our daughter and dogs to return to our cottage to see how bad things were. The flames were 6 to 8 feet high so we went into the cottage to get our passports.

0 views (297 Kb)
We heard a loud noise of gas escaping from the propane tanks that sounded similar to the noise of a jet engine. We returned to the woods again just as one of the tanks exploded, sending a fireball 50 feet into the air. We estimate the time between the strike and explosion was no more than 10 to 15 minutes. At this time, family and friends had heard and seen flames and had come to our aid.

Scott Jones from Riverview (while transporting people to Riverview) happened to be driving past, saw the flames, and was able to radio Riverview to get their fire pumps on the way to our cottage. Until the fire equipment and personnel arrived, we kept others away because of the potential for the other propane tanks to explode.

We had minor cottage damage including some siding and trim blown off with the strike. The phone lines scorched some places inside, a floor joist was blown apart where the outside box is attached, and the strike also started fires west of the cottage. One propane tank exploded, one “vented” and ignited, and the Dokis Fire Department stabilized the third tank.

We are thankful that no one was hurt. Thank you to all our friends and family who helped out during the event – the Allison, Stanislau, Lembke, Robinson, Sumner, Kutzner, and Marcus families, and some young men from Solid Comfort. Thank you to Scott Jones from Riverview and the Dokis FD crew: Gerry Duquette, Carl Hill, Jean-Marc Ethier, and Fire Chief Brian Lariviere.

0 views (46 Kb) Fire Near West End of Sandy Island

It was the same day and the same storm that resulted in the fire at the Watkins’ cottage. Late in the afternoon/early evening on July 31, 2015, lightning struck the trees on an uninhabited island near the west end of Sandy Island not far from Wigwam. A neighbouring cottager noticed the smoke and called it in to Todd Thomas, the owner and operator of Sandy Haven Fishing Camp.  Todd and another volunteer immediately loaded the fire pump and equipment into a boat and “attended” the fire, as they say in the firefighting business. The lightning had badly damaged one tree and the adjoining trees had begun to smoulder.  The volunteers from Sandy Haven used the pump to good effect and remained on the scene to ensure there was no risk of further damage. 

As UFRCA members know, Todd/Sandy Haven Camp is one of the organizations, along with Riverview Marina and the Dokis Fire Department, that cottagers call on in time of need. In Todd’s case, he coordinates his volunteer efforts with the Municipality of West Nipissing. The Fire Department there provides the water pump and other firefighting equipment and depending on the location and availability, Todd is likely to be the first responder. Todd also provides a limited emergency first response capacity. To this end, the Municipality provides him with a defibrillator, a stretcher, and a professional quality first aid kit, and Todd brings extensive training in emergency first aid. 

This is the first full cottage season that this arrangement between West Nipissing and Sandy Haven (spurred on by the UFRCA) has been in place. The summer of 2014 was only a partial season due to delays in the delivery of equipment. Most fortunately, this first full season was a quiet one. Only a few fishhooks to remove, according to Todd.

But as with the team from Riverview and the Dokis Fire Department, this kind of volunteer service to our collective cottage community is not something that UFRCA members take for granted. We all appreciate that the “other side of the coin” to the River’s wild beauty is a degree of isolation and vulnerability. The UFRCA says thanks to Todd for his ongoing efforts and commitment.


August News

0 views (46 Kb)  Chaudière Lodge Fish Fry: A great time was had by all
Updated August 27, 2015


0 views (137 Kb)
Great food, terrific music, perfect weather, a beautiful venue, and good friends. 

That’s what UFRCA members and other guests experienced on Saturday August 8 at the Chaudière Lodge Fish Fry.  The event was the brainchild of Chaudière owner and operator Steve Niedzwiecki and the UFRCA’s own Bill Diehl, with additional support from the UFRCA Board and in particular Jeff Hamilton, the Chair of our Social Committee.  
Steve and the staff of Chaudière really pulled out all of the stops for us, meeting guests at the docks, parking boats (as well as mooring them out in the bay because of the size of the crowd/number of boats), and giving everyone a warm and enthusiastic welcome.  The food was fantastic and plentiful – with fresh fried fish and fresh cut fries (say that 10 times fast…) prepared right in front of everyone on an open-hearth kitchen, along with a large spread of beans, salads, delicious desserts, and cold drinks.
1 view (110 Kb)
As everyone ate, they were entertained by Derek Restoule who is not only the owner and operator of the Dokis Marina, but is also a very talented musician with a great voice.  Derek was joined by other talented performers including Steve N. and Lilianne Murdoch. And as the music played, people had a chance to stroll through the well-kept grounds and to check on the latest menu at Chaudière’s wonderful restaurant.
(Liliane Murdoch is a rising star in Canada on the music scene. Here’s the official video of Liliane singing live with her 7-person blues band “Citrus Club” on the main stage on July 4 at the 2015 Montreal International Jazz Festival in front of 14,000 people:
This was truly one of those memorable events – a rare chance to be together as a cottage community to meet old friends, make new ones, and just shoot the breeze on a warm summer afternoon and evening.  We are all very grateful to Steve and the staff of Chaudière and to Bill and Jeff for all of their hard work.
Thanks to Jeannette Fox for providing photos from the August 8 Fish Fry Social at Chaudière Lodge. See the Photo Gallery.

0 views (46 Kb)  Best AGM Ever
Updated August 27, 2015

6 views (6 Kb)
Thanks to all of our members who were able to come to this year’s Annual General Meeting at Solid Comfort Fishing Club on August 2.  According to many who were there, it was the most fun AGM we have had in years.  Part of the thanks for this has to go to our special guest Dr. Françoise Noël, who gave a fascinating talk on the modern history of Lake Nipissing and the Upper French River, including the rise of cottaging and tourism in general.  After the meeting, Dr. Noël made arrangements to have more of her books (NIPISSING – Historic Waterway, Wilderness Playground) available for sale at the store at Riverview.
Thanks also to Chief Denis Restoule of Dokis First Nation for spending time with us and providing an update on the impressive range of activities now underway in that community.  This, of course, is Chief Denise’s final term and all wished her very well.  Thanks, too, to Jeff Hamilton for making this year’s photo contest so entertaining.  It was great to see so many entries this year and congratulations again to winners and to all participants.
And, finally, a most heartfelt thanks from all of us to the Solid Comfort Fishing Club.  Club President Joe Ray and the Club members who were present took special care to make this a memorable event for us, including assisting with boats, setting us up in the lovely main dining hall, providing delicious snacks, and even offering a tour of the property.  All of those in attendance (over 75) appreciated the warm welcome and the opportunity to become more familiar with this very stunning and historic spot. 

See photos from the AGM in the Photo Gallery.

0 views (46 Kb)   Fishing News - Commercial Fishery To Be Closed
Posted August 19. 2015

See this breaking news at 

0 views (46 Kb)  Photo Contest Winners
Posted August 6, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Photo Contest. The images are posted in the Photo Gallery. Thanks to organizer Jeff Hamilton and to the judges for a great event.