Contacts and Board of Directors

To contact the UFRCA about any issue or to make inquiries, e-mail us at 

2019-20 UFRCA Board Of Directors

To volunteer your services and time on the Board, please contact any Board member or

Board of Directors
Amanda Derks - President
Sheila Scrocchi - Treasurer; Membership
Claire Thorp - Secretary
Martin Scrocchi - Website
Jim Abbot - Newsletter

Web site - Dave Minden

Contact UFRCA Members
A PDF file with cottage phone numbers and e-mail addresses is available on request from Available to UFRCA members only.

The Printable Contact Sheet is a useful quick reference guide for home or cottage. This page provides phone numbers for emergency and other local services. Determine your latitude and longitude coordinates (use Google Earth or a GPS device), write the information on the contact sheet where indicated, and post by the cottage phone. The current Printable Contact Sheet  can be printed directly using the Print icon within the window. 


Printable Contact Sheet 2019-20 v2.pdf