To contact the UFRCA about any issue or to make inquiries, e-mail us at 

For UFRCA members: You may contact any of your Board members directly. Log In, and from the Members Menu at the lower left, click on Contacts and Directory to access the Printable Contact Sheet. This page has contact information for both your Board of Directors and local municipal and emergency services such as fire and police. It is adviseable to print this page and post it by the cottage phone. Determine your cottage coordinates and record the information on the sheet where shown, and have it available for emergencies.

UFRCA Board Of Directors For 2016-17

Elected at the Annual General Meeting July 31, 2016:

  • Dave Minden                           
  • Peter Rooney
  • Sam Goodwin
  • Jeff Hamilton
  • Holly Waters
  • Liz Gallagher
  • Liz Gribbon
  • Kathy LaBranche
  • There is one vacancy

Officers for 2015-16 (Elected September 12, 2016)

President - Dave Minden
Vice President - Sam Goodwin
Treasurer - Peter Rooney
Secretary - Sam Goodwin

Committees for 2015-16 (Appointed September 12, 2016)

Membership - Peter Rooney

Environment - Liz Gribbon

Park/MNRF - Dave Minden

Web site and Communications - Dave Minden and Kathy LaBranche

Newsletter - Liz Gallagher with Chris Fry

History - Holly Waters

Municipal Liaison and Security - Sam Goodwin

Dokis Liaison - Holly Waters