FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations) and WRAFT (Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation) merged in 2011.
The UFRCA has been a member of WRAFT as this organization seemed to be the best group to be allied with in the struggle against a property tax system that, in our opinion, targets waterfront property owners unfairly and excessively.

FOCA Elerts

On a monthly basis, FOCA distributes “Elerts”, electronic notices, on a variety of topics. Check regularly for the latest news. You can also arrange to have “Elerts” e-mailed directly to you by entering your e-mail address where shown in 

FOCA Lake Partner Program - RESULTS

Click on the web links to view Total Phosphorus and Water Clarity Data from lakes and rivers across Ontario.
2010 Lake Partner Program - THE RESULTS ARE IN
The 2010 test results are in and available for viewing:

Total Phosphorus Data     
Water Clarity (Secchi Disc) Data

Thank you to all the 2010 Lake Partner volunteers who helped collect this data!
If your lake is not already involved, contact FOCA today to find out how to become a Lake Partner.
Also on the Lake Partner Program page of the FOCA website, look for the Lakeshore Capacity Assessment Handbook and summary fact sheet. (The links are below the photo of the turtle!) The outcome of more than 3 decades of scientific research and policy development, the handbook was developed to provide guidance to municipalities and stakeholders responsible for managing development along the shorelines of Ontario's inland lakes within the Precambrian Shield.
Click here to view the entire FOCA January 2011 newsletter.
Source: Dave Minden
Posted: 1/27/2011

FOCA World Water Day

World Water Day was March 22 but every day should be "Water Day".  Click for FOCA March elert. See also

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