Boats on the French

The photos in this gallery have been generously supplied by UFRCA member Chris Fry and can be viewed at his Flickr collection: Boats of the French River  . If you can identify persons, locations, or other details, please post a comment. Comments are not visible until reviewed, validated, and posted by a web site administrator. If you make a comment, please contact to alert us to check comments. UFRCA members are invited to post photos of other boats; the process is similar to uploading procedures on other web sites, but you can submit them for posting if desired to

A related site, compiled by Jane Minden, chronicles the history of boat travel on Lake Nipissing and the Upper French. The story of boats is intrinsically entwined with the story of the lake and river. See

Walter Harley posted the following on April 19, 2013 referring to the 2nd last photo at the bottom of the gallery (group photo)
Shirley Kennedy is in back row holding child standing with red life jacket.
Her husband Peter is third from left - arm on life boat
Helen Kurtz is in blue dress just below Peter's arm.
Great picture ! 

Mike Adams posted the following on June 11, 2013:
Chris, thanks for posting your photos - very enjoyable. Our family cabin is near Lunge (original cabin built in 1950), and I can tell that your photos are in the area of Keystone. Love the photos of the Chief, the Aletis, the Lizette…and "The Barge." Truly memory lane for me. (See Forums - Website comment topics".)