Links and YouTube Videos

A variety of links to local media, local government, wind &  water, and other favourites on the Upper French:

Local Media 
The website of the West Nipissing Tribune’s online edition (local community newspaper in West Nipissing).
The local news section of the North Bay Nugget.
An online community news and information service for North Bay.
A web-based local news and community events website. 
The Sudbury Star occasionally carries news articles about the French River region, that are not carried in the North Bay media.

Local Government
The website of the Municipality of West Nipissing.
The website of the Municipality of French River.
The website of Dokis First Nation.
The website of Nipissing First Nation.
Wind and Water
Public Works Canada’s webpage on water levels for Lake Nipissing and the Upper and Lower French Rivers. Updated every Monday.

Click on "Water Office" for the Environment Canada web site that shows a continual raw data graph of the water level on Lake Nipissing at North Bay. Adjust the date to the present. Add 190 to the value on the vertical axis. The target summer range is from 195.75 to 195.95 metres above sea level.
Environment Canada’s webpage for the Lake Nipissing marine weather. In season only.

Local Cottager Favourites for ice cream, snacks, and other sundries
Web home of Riverview Marina.
Web home of Sandy Haven.
Web home of Chaudière Lodge and home of the annual Chaudière/UFRCA Fish Fry.

Links to YouTube Videos

Here are some YouTube vidoes that will transport you electronically to the French River area. If you see something of interest, submit to any Board member.

Giesler Boat Works


River Rats Fishing on the French