Membership Information

Membership Year and Fees

The "Membership Year" runs from July 1 to June 30. Membership forms for July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018, are now posted on the Membership Form page. The membership fee is $35.

Membership fee payment system

To become a member or to renew your membership, there are now two choices.

Choice 1Mail in a membership form with cheque. Download and print a paper copy of the membership form (See the Membership Form page), or use the membership form mailed to you. Mail the form with your cheque payable to Upper French River Cottagers Association to our treasurer, Peter Rooney.

Choice 2: Register on-line and pay electronically. Please read carefully.
Complete the on-line membership form on the Membership Form page, "Submit" it, and then pay electronically by either Interac e-Transfer (preferred) or by Credit card using PayPal.

Please Note: Submitting the on-line form is a separate process from payment. Clicking on Submit sends your membership information to UFRCA. It is up to you to then complete payment. Note that after you press "Submit", you will see an acknowledgement that the process was completed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the final payment instructions:
(i) Leave the UFRCA web site and access your banking web site to pay by Interac e-Transfer,
(ii) Or continue and click on Buy Now to pay by Credit Card using PayPal.
(i) Pay by Interac e-Transfer (Preferred)
For those with accounts at any Canadian financial institution and if you use on-line banking, you can pay by Interac e-Transfer to With most accounts, and if your limit has not been exceeded, there is no charge for the service. To use Interac e-transfer, you will first need to access your bank’s web site and the page you use to pay bills. Select “Add INTERAC e-Transfer Recipient” (or similar) to add a recipient to the list of payees you use to pay bills on-line.

For the recipient name, enter Upper French River Cottagers. 
Use the e-mail address

You will be asked to set a security question and security answer.  It will facilitate the process if the same question and security answer are used by all members.

Please use the following:
Security question:
What is the password?
Security Answer:

The membership fee is $35, and some add to that as a donation.

(ii) Pay by Credit Card using PayPal
Alternately, you can elect to pay by Credit Card using PayPal. Select a payment amount ($35 or optional higher amounts with donations). Click on Buy Now. This takes you to the independent PayPal web site and payment page. There is a small extra charge of $1.50 if you do not have a personal PayPal account. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

Whichever method of electronic payment is used, you will receive notification from your bank or from PayPal that a payment has been made. If a credit card is used you will also see the debit on your account statement. Please keep receipts for verification purposes.

Questions? Contact or


  • have representation when the UFRCA with OPP, West Nipissing Police, West Nipissing Fire Department, West Nipissing Municipality, North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, MNR, French River Provincial Park, etc.
  • receive regular e-mail updates and newsletters
  • have access to programs and events sponsored by UFRCA such as Adopt-a-Campsite, Dock Sales, and other social events
  • have voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting and a voice among cottage owners with concerns similar to yours
  • have access to the secure members-only part of the web site which includes past newsletters, the Membership Directory of fellow cottagers, and the Cottage Histories section
  • support this web-site; water testing programs; partnerships with WRAFT and FOCA, and French River Provincial Park; and other initiatives which are within the mandate of the UFRCA.

Who is a member? 

The UFRCA By-laws were amended in 2010, and the definition of "members" was changed to include not only the actual "property owners" but also their immediate family members. At the AGM, up to three votes per cottage property are permitted.

Members of the UFRCA shall be property owners, and their immediate families, who are permanent or part-time residents of the Upper French River Area. Property owners can include cottage owners and resort and lodge owners.

Associate Members - Individuals or other legal entities who are not property owners in the Upper French River Area but who share the ideals and goals of the UFRCA, may become non-voting “Associate Members” and shall have all the rights of regular members except the right to vote.  

There is only one e-mail address linked to each membership. Thus if other family members wish to receive newsletters and e-mail updates directly, we encourage them to have separate memberships. Otherwise, we encourage those receiving newsletters to send them on to family members, and to make sure that newsletters are read by all possible.

Keep your membership information current. If you change your e-mail address or mailing address, contact and don't miss any newsletters and e-mail updates.

A note about geographic coordinates:

Coordinates are measured in degrees latitude North or South of the equator and degrees longitude West or East of the Greenwich (Prime) meridian. There are several systems to express fractions of degrees. The traditional system has used minutes and seconds, where 1 degree = 60 minutes and 1 minute = 60 seconds. However, the system is prone to errors when recording and communicating. An easier system which is becoming commonly used is decimal degrees, where decimal notation is given.

Please use this format when providing your GPS coordinates:
N 46.2489  W -79.9120
Rounding to 4 decimal places gives accuracy to 11 metres, which should be close enough to get an emergency responder to your dock!

90º of the earth’s arc = 10,000 km = 10,000,000 m
(1 metre is defined as 1/10,000,000 of the distance from equator to pole)
Therefore 1º of latitude = 10 000 km
÷ 90 = 111.1111 km.

The chart below shows the distance in kilometres and metres for decimal fractions of a degree. Google Maps (see below) provides 6 decimal places, which would show accuracy to 1/10 of a metre. Rounding to 5 decimal places gives accuracy to about 1 m and rounding to 4 decimal places gives accuracy to about 11 m. Do not round off any further.


1 º 111.111 km 111 111  m
.1º 11.1111 km 11 111.1 m
.01º   1.11111 km 1111.11  m
.001º   0.11111 km 111.111  m
.0001º   0.011111 km 11.1111  m
.00001º   0.001111 km 1.11111  m
.000001º   0.000111 km 0.11111  m

1 MINUTE (‘) = 1/60 DEGREE = 1 NAUTICAL MILE = 1852 m (recognized average)

1 ‘ 1852 m
1 “ 30.86666 m
0.1 “   3.08666 m

Using minutes and seconds, rounding to one decimal place (1/10) of a second gives accuracy to about 3 m.

Google Maps( uses decimal degrees. For example: N 46.248899  W -79.912039. When on Google Maps, look at the bottom right corner for the icon "Find my location". Click on the icon, and then move your cursor to the desired location. Click on the location and a small window will appear showing the latitude and longitude coordinates. Keep the 6 decimal places or round off to 4 (preferred) or 5 decimal places.

You can also use Google Earth (for free download if you don’t have it already) which shows detail like roof outlines and docks. When using the Google Earth map, select Tools – Options and select "Decimal Degrees".

Or use your GPS device if it shows latitude and longitude coordinates.