Social Events

Chaudiere Lodge continues to host an annual fish fry lunch on (or about) the Civic Holiday long weekend in late July or early August. It is an event for its guests and all cottagers in the area, especially UFRCA members. Watch for announcements in UFRCA newsletters and at the UFRCA Annual General Meeting. Contact Chaudiere Lodge for information as to exact date and time and cost.

Chaudière Lodge Fish Fry: A great time was had by all

Updated August 27, 2015
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Great food, terrific music, perfect weather, a beautiful venue, and good friends. 

That’s what UFRCA members and other guests experienced on Saturday August 8 at the Chaudière Lodge Fish Fry.  The event was the brainchild of Chaudière owner and operator Steve Niedzwiecki and the UFRCA’s own Bill Diehl, with additional support from the UFRCA Board and in particular Jeff Hamilton, the Chair of our Social Committee.  
Steve and the staff of Chaudière really pulled out all of the stops for us, meeting guests at the docks, parking boats (as well as mooring them out in the bay because of the size of the crowd/number of boats), and giving everyone a warm and enthusiastic welcome.  The food was fantastic and plentiful – with fresh fried fish and fresh cut fries (say that 10 times fast…) prepared right in front of everyone on an open-hearth kitchen, along with a large spread of beans, salads, delicious desserts, and cold drinks.
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As everyone ate, they were entertained by Derek Restoule who is not only the owner and operator of the Dokis Marina, but is also a very talented musician with a great voice.  Derek was joined by other talented performers including Steve N. and Lilianne Murdoch. And as the music played, people had a chance to stroll through the well-kept grounds and to check on the latest menu at Chaudière’s wonderful restaurant.
(Liliane Murdoch is a rising star in Canada on the music scene. Here’s the official video of Liliane singing live with her 7-person blues band “Citrus Club” on the main stage on July 4 at the 2015 Montreal International Jazz Festival in front of 14,000 people:
This was truly one of those memorable events – a rare chance to be together as a cottage community to meet old friends, make new ones, and just shoot the breeze on a warm summer afternoon and evening.  We are all very grateful to Steve and the staff of Chaudière and to Bill and Jeff for all of their hard work.
Thanks to Jeannette Fox for providing photos from the August 8 Fish Fry Social at Chaudière Lodge. See the Photo Gallery.