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The French River flows southwest from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay. The "Upper" French River lies between Lake Nipissing and the Chaudiere Dams at Dokis First Nation. An historic First Nation and fur trade canoe route, the French River is now a Provincial Park, the home to citizens of Dokis First Nation, and the summer residence of hundreds of cottagers.

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Have Your Say – Cormorant Hunting in Ontario
Posted December 14, 2018

See Member Comments after this article.

The new Government of Ontario is proposing a change in Ontario hunting regulations to create a hunting season for cormorants. The proposal would allow hunting of cormorants under a game licence between March and December, with a daily limit of 50 birds and no requirement for the carcasses of dead birds to be removed or disposed of.
The issue is highly controversial and there is quite a range of perspectives on the proposal:
In recent years, members of the fishing community have suggested that cormorants have been a major factor in the decline of the Lake Nipissing fishery.
Prior to the new Government taking power, MNRF officials were of the view that more effective slot size management has been very effective in recent years at restoring the game fish population.
The Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers has had a strong political lobby on this issue, citing not only the impact on fishing and other species, but also significant damage to shorelines from colony nesting behaviours.
Environmental groups are of the view that the science simply isn’t there to support the move and that there are examples of other effective cormorant population management practices that have been implemented on Toronto Island and Point Pelee.
Northern advocates have said that this is an example of policies made in Toronto by people who don’t understand the reality of the north.
Critics of the new government have suggested that the proposal is politically motivated to divide Ontarians (north vs. south, environment vs hunting/fishing)
Others have expressed public safety concerns about increased number of hunters on the water during the cottaging season and the fact that hunters will be able to leave the carcasses where they lie or float.
The proposal can be seen here on the Environmental Registry. The deadline for public consultation is January 3, 2019.  There are two ways you can post a comment – by creating a registered account, which means that your response will be part of the published public record, or anonymously, which means your response will not be published.

Member Comments on Cormorant Hunting Proposal
We received the following from a UFRCA member. It’s a copy of their submission to the Ontario Government’s Environmental Registry on the issue of the cormorant hunt.  We thought members might find it interesting.  If you submit something to the Registry on this issue, and would like to have it posted here, please send a copy to info@ufrca.com.

From Member "D"
Posted December 17, 2019

Dear Sir/Madame,

I have read EBR posting 013-4124 on the proposed change in hunting regulations to allow hunting of cormorants.
We own a cottage property on Lake Nipissing and have observed the increase in the cormorant population through the 1990s and early 2000s. The population now appears to have stabilized and I have heard from reliable MNRF sources that the population is declining. That is the normal result of an initial dramatic population increase that eventually slows and reverses. Fish populations are stressed, it is true, and most sources agree that there are two major human factors: (1) sport fishing that exceeds daily catch limits and (2) “rogue” native commercial fishers who set nets illegally. Investigations of cormorant food sources and how they affect the food chain of sport fish show that cormorants do not affect the sport fishery. Even if a hunt were to be allowed, the details such as 50 per day, that it will occur all through the summer, that hunters are exempt from spoilage regulations are unconscionable and irresponsible. The prospects of hearing shotguns throughout the summer, or seeing carcasses of rotting birds floating on the water are neither acceptable nor in synch with standard hunting ethics. The purpose of this is not to hunt for the purpose of sustenance (that is having a meal). The purpose indeed appears to be very clear: the elimination of the species. And why? To satisfy a small group of people who feel mistakenly threatened by another species. Cormorants are a very intriguing bird: generally quiet other than their muttering to each other on hot summer days, just going about their business. They deserve better. A more logical strategy is for MNRF to hire more COs to enforce fishing regulations.


West Nipissing Policing Change Delayed
Posted December 14, 2018

The decision to change from West Nipissing Police to OPP is being delayed until June, 2019. See North Bay Nugget December 14, 2018 - Policing Transition Delayed

Jerry Noel - previous owner of Chaudiere Lodge
Posted December 9, 2018

We received the following information too late for the Fall Newsletter. UFRCA member and cottager Paul Cormier has informed us that Jerry Noel, previous owner of Chaudiere Lodge, died on November 20, 2018, at the age of 68. Cremation has taken place and arrangements may be planned for a private ceremony to spread some of his remains at the French, an area that he loved. The obituary may be seen here.

Fall Newsletter
Posted December 9, 2018

While still officially fall, It's very wintry in the North Bay, Lake Nipissing and French River area. Here is the "Fall" UFRCA newsletter.

UFRCA has a new mailing address!


For years, our address has been c/o Kennedy Insurance in North Bay.  With changes on our Board of Directors, we have a new mailing address as follows:

Upper French River Cottagers Association

1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801

Toronto, Ontario  M5E 1W7

The address is a “virtual mailbox” service that has been in place for quite a few years in Ontario and is easy to administer because it all done online.  Mail sent to this address will be forwarded automatically to the Board member designated each year to receive it. This year (2018-19), it’s our Treasurer, Jayne-Ann Steele).  That means in future, our mailing address won’t change even if our Board members do. 

The new address is up and running now, so if you are sending something to us through the post, please use the new address.


Policing Change Slated For February

Posted November 15, 2018

A court challenge by the West Nipissing Police Board was rejected, and the switchover to policing by OPP is slated for February, 2019. The impact on the Upper French region will be significant and will simplify things greatly. There will be one police force that will serve both north and south sides of the river - regardless of whether you are in West Nipissing Municipality (Nipissing District) or in the unorganized townships of Patterson and Hardy in East Parry Sound District. One police service will deal with both water and land issues – and they will have a boat.

See North Bay Nugget Court Dismisses Challenge Nov. 15, 2018

Election Results
Posted October 23, 2018

Joanne Savage returns as Mayor of West Nipissing, and Denis Senecal is the new Ward 8 councillor, replacing Guy Fortier.
North Bay Nugget Oct. 23, 2018 Savage Returns as Mayor

See Messages from Mayoralty and Councillor Candidates

Update on OPP in West Nipissing
Posted September 11, 2018


The provision of contract policing in West Nipissing by the OPP moved another step closer recently.  The Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC – the provincial body that reviews and approves these types of decisions) has approved the town’s application to disband the West Nipissing Police Service and enter into a contact for service with the OPP. 


The WN Police Services Board is continuing to fight against this move.  Earlier this year, the Board applied to Ontario Superior Court for a judicial review of the decision and in the meantime had actively lobbied the OCPC to delay its decision until the Court had ruled. 


In issuing its own decision, the OCPC categorically rejected the Police Service Board’s actions and noted a Court decision from a few years ago in Kenora where similar issues were in play, and which included the statement: “it is legally inconsistent for a police services board to have jurisdiction to decide to disband when it plays no role in selecting the manner of service delivery.”    That statement is consistent with the Municipality’s own position, which is that it has sole decision-making power (subject to review and approval by the OCPC) on what form policing services should take.


Superior Court is scheduled to hear the application from the Police Board on October 10 and the UFRCA will keep you posted on the Court’s decision.


Restricted Fire Zone Ended
Posted August 24, 2018
MNRF has ended the restricted fire zone status for Northeastern Ontario and West Nipissing has lifted the ban on open burning. Caution is still advised.

Jim Hardy

Posted Aug. 14, 2018
Long time Sandy Island cottager and former UFRCA Board member Jim Hardy died recently on August 2. The UFRCA extends its sincere condolences to Carol and the Hardy family. The obituary may be viewed here.

AGM Highlights

Posted Aug. 14, 2018
The Annual General Meeting was held successfully at the Dokis Community Complex, and the UFRCA thanks the Dokis community for hosting our event and providing a huge breakfast buffet. Highlights of the meeting were: presentations from Ontario Firefighters with updates on the nearby Parry Sound 33 fire; the announcement that Peter Rooney has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award - the 3rd recipient of the award; and the announcement of the 2018 photo contest winners. Winning photos have been posted in the  Photo Gallery. Elected to the Board of Directors for the 2018-19 season were (returning) Sam Goodwin, Jeff Hamilton, and Amanda Derks; and new members Jeanie Palmer, Bonnie Witmer, Jane-Anne Steele, and John Bachia. Minutes of the AGM will be posted when available.

AGM August 5 at Dokis
Full information about the AGM is below the fire reports. If you are travelling on Hwy. 69 or 11/17 in the North Bay area this weekend, you may encounter smoke and reduced visibility depending on wind direction. This applies to area waterways such as Lake Nipissing and the Upper French.

All Open Fires Banned
In Restricted Fire Zone
First Posted July 5, 2018
Last updated Aug. 21, 2018

Fires continue to burn in NE Ontario and local municipalities and MNRF have banned all open burning. Northeastern Ontario has been declared a restricted fire zone by MNRF and this includes both north and south sides of the Upper French. Fires in the Temagami region resulted in evacuations, and two provincial parks were closed. In the Upper French region, a fire was started by lightning on July 10 on the north shore of Marshy Bay. Todd Thomas from Sandy Haven responded and was first on the scene. The West Nipissing Fire Department took over and that fire is now out. An Ontario MNRF interactive fire location map is available here. The fire referenced as "Parry Sound 33" at Henvey Inlet and the Key River, just south of the French River, spread heavy smoke throughout the French River and Lake Nipissing region on Thursday July 19, driven by a gusty SW wind. The wind shifted to the SE and the smoke cleared on July 20. As Parry Sound 33 gained in size, many people were evacuated from areas west of Hwy. 69 from Key Harbor to the northern boundary of French River Provincial Park. French River Park was closed completely (no overnight permits issued). 
July 31 note: Smoke was very heavy on parts of Hwy. 69 and spread to the NE thorough the Upper French region. Val at Riverview reported heavy smoke in the Dokis area, but cottagers and the Dokis community carried on as normal. Smoke was very noticeable in North Bay and on Lake Nipissing. See the Lake Nipissing Web Cam on the menu at right, which showed reduced visibility due to smoke. According to the MNRF fire web site, Parry Sound 33  increased to over 10,000 ha. Reports indicated it was within 5 km of the Hwy. 69 and 1 km from the Pickerel River. A precautionary evacuation alert was issued for Alban. The possible closing of Hwy. 69 was discussed by OPP, but it was not implemented.
Aug. 1 The fire was remapped more accurately, and it's size was measured at over 11,000 ha, although it did not spread further.
August 11 Update: Parry Sound 33 was described as "being held". A new fire in the Upper French area started by lightning on July 10 approximately 5 km NW of Riverview. It wasa declared 'out' the following day.

The Key River Association web site provides local news. Click on their Facebook Page and look for the Nightly Forest Fire Update.

Media articles:
Nugget Aug. 21, 2018 - Some restrictions removed; situation improves
Nugget Aug. 14, 2018 - Major fires being held
CWFIS Aug. 2, 2018 - Current map of fire boundary
Weather Network July 31, 2018 - With Map Showing Fire Location
CBC News July 31, 2018 - Fire Closer to 69 and Pickerel River
Nugget July 31, 2018  - New Minister of Natural Resources
Nugget July 31, 2018 - Smoke causing air quality problems
CBC News July 30, 2018 - Update
CBC News July 29, 2018 - Parry Sound 33 Grows to Over 8000 ha
CBC News July 28, 2018 - Fire advance slows
CBC News July 28, 2018 - Property Damage Will Be In Millions
Nugget July 27, 2018 - Major Fires Remain Out Of Control
Nugget July 26, 2018 - Rain Helps - but …
CBC News July 24, 2018 - Wind farm construction may be cause
North Bay Nugget July 24, 2018 - Park Closed West of Hwy. 69

North Bay Nugget July 22, 2018 - Fires surge
CBC News July 21, 2018 - Fire at Key Harbor
North Bay Nugget July 21, 2018 - MNRF expands evacuation area

North Bay Nugget July 21, 2018 - Fire spreads to FR Provincial Park
North Bay Nugget July 20, 2018 - Key Harbor urged to evacuate
North Bay Nugget July 4, 2018 - Fire Bans across region
North Bay Nugget July 4, 2018 - Active Fires in the northeast

Coming up - It’s the 2017-18 AGM! Sunday August 5, 2018
Posted June 7, 2018

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Annual General Meeting of the Upper French River Cottagers Association on Sunday, August 5, 2018.  New members are always welcome.

With this notice are two PDFs for you to download and review in advance:
1. The Draft AGM Agenda for the 2017-18 AGM meeting, combined with the draft minutes of the 2016-17 AGM (all in one PDF file). Please review the minutes from last year.
2. A Proxy Form – Should you not be able to attend the meeting and want another member to vote on your behalf, please complete this form. The instructions on where to send the proxy form are included.

Here’s what you need to know about the AGM:
The location is the Dokis Community Complex. The business meeting will be from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. – including this year’s exciting photo-contest results. Come early (but not earlier than 10:00, please) to socialize with friends and cottage neighbours.

Registrations/membership renewals are available starting at 10:00 a.m. (that’s if you haven’t already registered by mail or online, which we always appreciate since it reduces the amount of work/need for volunteers at the AGM.) Note that membership fees are now due for the new membership year July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. See the Membership Info and Form pages at left.

Getting to the Dokis Community Complex – starting at 10:00 a.m., there will be shuttle vans to take members to and from both Dokis Marina and Riverview.  Or, if you’re driving from Riverview, it’s a right turn at the helicopter pad.  Or a left turn, if you’re coming from Dokis Marina.

Light refreshments will be provided. New members are always welcome. For further information, contact info@ufrca.com

Alexandria Boire - 1947-2018
The UFRCA extends its condolences to Peter Boire and family following the recent passing of Alexandria in early July. Peter and Alex were cottagers for many years on the Upper French. The obituary may be viewed here.

West Nipissing Switching to OPP
Posted May 4, 2018

Updated June 12, 2018
Updated July 13, 2018

WN Police Chief Chuck Seguin announced his resignation effective July 3. See Police chief resigning - June 12, 2018 Nugget
Municipality of West Nipissing’s change to OPP policing is continuing despite a court challenge from the police services board. The changeover is expected to be completed by October, 2018.
Decisision to be delayed - July 13, 2018 Nugget
West Nipissing proceeding – May 4, 2018 Nugget
Police Board takes council to court – May 2, 2018 Nugget
West Nipissing going with OPP – December 6, 2018 Nugget
Chief Seguin will stay for now - October 6, 2017 Nugget 

The Fire Ban has been lifted as of June 1
Complete Fire Ban In Effect as of May 17, 2018
Posted May 25, 2018
Updated May 31, 2018
The West Nipissing Fire and Emergency Service has issued a complete fire ban for West Nipissing. All burning permits are now suspended until further notice.
Campfires for cooking or warmth are excluded from the ban. A complete fire ban is also in effect for North Bay due to the fire hazard rating being moderate to high across the region.

It's Membership Renewal Time
Posted May 25, 2018

Current members have recently received the membership form for 2018-19 by mail. See the Membership Information and Membership Form pages on the menu at left. Choice 1: You can print a membership form and mail it in with a cheque. Choice 2: You can submit the on-line form and pay by credit card through PayPal or by Interac E-transfer from any Canadian financial institution. We always welcome new members.

Spring Newsletter
Posted May 18, 2018

The Spring newsletter was distributed yesterday to all current UFRCA members. If you should have received it but did not, contact info@ufrca.com. The newsletter is posted in "Newsletters" and members can log in to view it there.

May 16 Update on Lake Levels
Here’s the latest information on lake levels as of May 16, based on information provided to the Sturgeon-Nipissing-French Stakeholder Committee (of which UFRCA is a member) by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and Public Works and Government Services Canada.
The ice is officially off the lake and all the snow in the watershed (which extends of north of Lake Temagami) is now melted.
Lake levels have risen slightly in the last day or so and are now getting near to the upper end of the summer operating range.  They are not expected to rise much more over the next few days and may actually decrease somewhat.  That’s because inflows to the lake have decreased significantly over the past few days and are expected to decrease further because (a) the spring runoff is almost done and (b) the weather is predicted to be dry for the next couple of weeks.  No precipitation is anticipated for the next five days, and there are no major weather systems in the forecast for the next two weeks. This means that outflows from the lake will probably continue to go down over this period.
As a precautionary measure, to protect lake levels in the longer term, MNRF and PWGSC have slightly reduced the outflow to the Lower French River in the last couple of days.  This has caused some concern on the part of fishing camps on the Lower French about the impact that lower levels there could have on spawning.  MNRF and PWGSC indicated they are keeping the dam outflows at the current level for at least a week to allow for spawning but will be monitoring Lower River levels on a daily basis.
For UFRCA members, the key message is that so long as precipitation remains normal for the spring and summer (not unusually dry or wet over a sustained period), we should be looking at relatively normal lake levels for the summer operating season.

Very Dry Conditions
Posted May 16, 2018

Very dry conditions have resulted in a ban on open burning in the North Bay area. This will be updated if West Nipissing and/or MNRF also announce bans on open burning. Even if there is no actual ban, be extremely cautious at the cottage or in the bush. Fire permits are required in West Nipissing when there is no fire ban.

Is Lake Nipissing Ice-free?
Posted May 14, 2018
Updated May 16, 2018.

YES! Officially the date for 2018 is May 14.

Watch for the official announcement soon. Unfortunately, the NASA Worldview satellite image today (May 14) was slightly obscured by a bit of thin cloud, but it appears that any significant ice has disappeared.
See the Nugget article May 16, 2018

Dry Spring Equals Heightened Forest Fire Risk
Posted May 14, 2018

How quickly conditions change! The trees have not yet flushed yet and ground conditions are becoming quite dry. If you are planning to open the cottage in the next few weeks, be aware of the heightened fire risk. Currently there are 10 active fires in the northeast region. See the May 14 Nugget article.

Walleye Spawning Underway - late spring not a concern
Posted May 13, 2018
See the North Bay Nugget article here.

May 11 Update from the Sturgeon-Nipissing-French Group
Posted May 11, 2018

The level for the lake today may be seen on this graph issued by  PWC (Public Works Canada) who maintain and regulate the Chaudiere Dams. Significant on the graph are two red lines, one dotted and one solid, and the green vertical axis scale on the left side. The dotted red line is the goal, while the solid red line is the actual level. Two solid lines, one light purple and the other light blue) bracket the target tange. The summer target range is between 195.75 and 195.95 metres above sea level (masl). This graph illustrates the late but rapid increase in the lake level due to the prolonged cold weather in April and early May coupled with the late spring freshet. The level today is 195.80 masl - now within the summer target range. Note that the level of the lake is measured to the top surface which includes the remaining ice. PWC is predicting that with current rates of inflow and outflow and weather forecasts, the lake could be at flood level of 196.1 masl by May 29.

Foggy North Bay Waterfront
Posted May 10, 2018

287 views (1.40 MB)
At the North Bay waterfront, May 10, 2018. The slabs of ice are about 10 cm (4”) thick.
Temperature +5 C; visibility 30 m (thick fog).

Update on Spring Freshet:  Lake Nipissing Ice-Off and Water Levels - Elevated Risk Over the Next Few Days
Posted May 9, 2018

There is still significant ice on the Lake but it should be pretty much gone in the next two days. But between now and when the ice is out, there could be problems.

Because of the late ice, in combination with the late freshet, people on the Lake are looking at an elevated risk of damage over the next couple of days.  Here’s why.

Precipitation this spring and winter has been within normal levels based on long-term historical averages.  But normally the spring melt/freshet would have started sooner, which gives the Ministries that control the dams more time to manage flows and keep the levels from getting too high. 

This year, the freshet is happening in a more compressed timeframe – the same historical volume of water coming into the Lake but in a shorter timeframe.  That means it’s harder this year for the Ministries to keep up with the inflows without completely flooding out the Lower French River. 

In the past, when there has been an elevated risk of damage at this point in the spring, it was usually just because of high water levels – since the ice would be long gone.

Thus, for the next few days, the risk of damage is due to the combination of high water and late ice. The level on Lake Nipissing on May 9 is 195.75 metres above sea level – right at the summer level. The NASA Worldview satellite image shows extensive ice coverage – although decidedly grey.

When we get more news in the next day or two, we’ll post it here. The temperature in North Bay today (May 9) was 25C and there is rain in the forecast for May 10. The ice should be gone in a few days.

Spring Freshet Underway
Posted May 7, 2018

The spring freshet is underway and creeks and rivers are running high. Duchesney Creek, located on the western edge of North Bay, is a small tributary of Lake Nipissing, and the Duchesnay Trails are a popular destination for hikers and photographers.

  View of Lake Nipissing from the North Bay waterfront park. The NASA Worldview satellite image (see link below) shows Lake Nipissing turning light grey. Much of the Upper French is open except for some ice at the narrows and near the lake. The lake level on May 7 is 195.63 metres above sea level, just 10 cm below the summer target range. The lake has risen about 1 metre in 15 days (since April 22).

Police Chief Seguin to remain until policing decision is made
Posted October 6, 2017
The Municipality of West Nipissing is once again studying the feasibility of switching from the local West Nipissing Police Service to the OPP. This has been a contentious issue for Upper French River Cottagers for many years, as it has meant dealing with two police services for different issues and depending on whether one's cottage location is on the north side of the river (Bertram Township - West Nipissing) or the south side (unorganized townships in Parry Sound District). Current WNP Chief Seguin, slated to retire, will stay in his position until a decision is made and/or a new chief is hired. For the North Bay Nugget article, click here 

When will the ice be off Lake Nipissing?
Posted April 28, 2018
Updated May 3, 2018

April 28 is a significant date. It is the average date that Lake Nipissing has been declared ice free since record keeping began in 1901. Some may think that the ‘average date’ is the most usual occurrence or what’s expected, but that is a misunderstanding. In fact, April 28 has been the official ice-free date only seven times. Not exactly a common occurrence.
The winter of 2017-18 has been unusual, as most know, and the result was very thick ice on area lakes. There were extended periods of extreme cold, several rain events, a drought of snow in March, and abundant snow and below normal temperatures in April. This was to the delight of area skiers who enjoyed an extended spring skiing season – the best ever! But for cottagers who have been looking forward to an early season escape, you will have to wait. Lake Nipissing and the Upper French are encased in thick ice, and today, the North Bay area is receiving a bit of fresh snow along with below average temperatures. A warming trend is in the forecast early May.
To view the lake from space, see this NASA Worldview satellite image which is updated daily with a new image. Check the date in the bottom left corner and reset to the current date. Zoom in and around to locate the Great Lakes and Lake Nipissing. On a clear day, Lake Nipissing is very visible, and with a bit of imagination you can determine the status of the Upper French: dark black indicates open water. (Of interest, note the green algal bloom covering most of Lake Erie. This has been in the news and a cause for concern for the last few years.) If you check this web site frequently, you can click through daily images and witness the transition from white to grey to black as the ice recedes from the lake.
When will Nipissing be ice free?  We are predicting that May 10 will be the official date this year. See the historical record of ice free dates here.

Laurie Rooney

Posted April 9, 2018

The UFRCA expresses its profound sympathies to the Rooney and Chirico families after the recent passing of Laurie Rooney, wife of UFRCA Board Member and Treasurer Peter Rooney. Laurie was a long-time cottager on the Upper French and will be missed. The obituary may be seen here.


2018 UFRCA Photo Contest
Posted February 13, 2018

The 2018 UFRCA Photo Contest is now on. There is no better time than during the cold days of winter to search our photos and remind ourselves of the past great summer on the French River! The April 15 deadline will be here before we know it in just 2 months.
We are asking cottagers to dig through those great cottage memories and forward photos to our panel of volunteer judges. As in prior years there will be three categories. Every year we have Nature and French River Life and for 2018, the special category will be “Oh No” photos. Did your boat sink? Did a tree come down? Did your husband take apart the pump and not remember how to put it back together? That’s the sort of thing we’re looking for. Photos may be entered until April 15, 2018. They should be sent as attachments to photocontest@ufrca.com
Entry Limit - three photos per photographer, no limit per cottage.
When submitting photos include:
a) the UFRCA name associated with the photo
b) the full name and address for each photographer
c) good quality JPEG photo attachments, 10 MB max file size
d) MOST IMPORTANTLY, which category each photo is to be entered: Nature, French River Life, or “Oh No”
Any photo can be entered except those entered in previous UFRCA photo contests.
The Photo Contest awards announcements and video displays have been highlights of the last several AGMs. Let’s repeat that in 2018. See the 2017 Photo Contest winners in the Gallery.


Positives for Fishery Management
Posted May 25, 2017

A May 16 North Bay Nugget article outlining the current state of the Lake Nipissing walleye fishery is available here

A major study entitled 
Achieving a Sustainable Lake Nipissing Walleye Fishery, produced by Doris Smith for the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce, was released today (May 25) and is available here. Thank you to Paul Cormier for his contribution in representing the UFRCA among the many stakeholders. Today's press release from the NBDCC is available here.

The response from a variety of local stakeholders was reported in the June 23 North Bay Nugget and may be seen here.



61 views (1.65 Mb)
Thanks to Kathy LaBranche for sending this image she discovered in Banff. Click on the image to enlarge, and "think about summer".

More on the West Nipissing Spending Scandal
Posted November 20, 2016
Also see reports below in September News.
See http://www.nugget.ca/2016/11/12/im-the-only-person-who-is-really-exonerated-investigated-councillor-says 

Closing the cottage routines - keep potential thieves in mind
Originally posted September 24, 2015. West Nipissing Police have sent this communication as a reminder to keep would-be thieves in mind when closing for the winter. And reduce off-season environmental damage by following many common sense suggestions. To view, click here. 

West Nipissing Scandal Results in OPP Charges
Posted September 14, 2016

Allegations of spending irregularities by some West Nipissing Municipality officials have resulted in charges being laid by the OPP. Bay Today Report 

Posted July 15, 2016

As a follow-up to our recent bulletin on Emergency Services on the Upper French River, UFRCA received some inquiries about specific phone numbers that people can call in the event of medical, police, and fire emergencies. In response, we put together the attached document which provides additional detail and phone numbers. The first page of the attachment is for residents of the Municipality of West Nipissing (Bertram Township).  The second page is for residents of the Unorganized District of Centre Parry Sound (the south side of the river in Hardy and Patterson Townships). 

A key distinction between the two areas is that in the Unorganized District of Centre Parry Sound there is no 911 service on land lines.  In a medical emergency, cottagers in the Unorganized District of Centre Parry Sound would need to call EMS directly and we have provided 1-800 numbers for this purpose. In a policing emergency, you would need to call the OPP directly and their central dispatch number is provided as well. 

Just a few more very important points that EMS officials asked us to stress:
- Always make sure you know or have on hand your cottage GPS coordinates and, for those in West Nipissing,  your municipal address (that's the little blue sign – for example “WB212-1”)  
- Keep them by the phone and make sure everyone (family and guests) knows where they are. 
- Educate family and guests on what to do in an emergency and where the closest land access/marina is. 
- If you are not at your cottage when you make an emergency call (for example – a cell phone from a boat) you should try to have some way to determine your GPS coordinates. 

To view the document, click Users Summary July 2016.pdf 

Crime Stoppers Doubles Rewards
Posted June 15, 2016

There have been numerous break-ins on the Upper French over the past winter and spring. As a result, Near North Crime Stoppers have doubled their rewards for information. For the press release issued June 15, click double reward june 2016.pdf

Pictograph on Kennedy Island
Posted June 8, 2016

In the 1980s, a field archeologist with the Ontario government researched and published a paper on the pictograph located on Kennedy Island. To view the document go to History - Local Area History http://ufrca.com/index.php?page=history%2Flocal-area-history and scroll down to Historical Importance. Thanks to Holly Waters for discovering this document.

Dokis First Nation Power Generating Station on Facebook
 Posted April 11, 2016
For some wonderful aerial photography of Dokis First Nation and their new power generating station view the video below.