UFRCA History


The Upper French River Cottagers' Association was established in 1992 and initially dealt with issues such as the formation of French River Provincial Park, environment, and access by police and fire fighting services to a remote area.

Regional amalgamation of unorganized townships in the Sturgeon Falls area of Nipissing District and the formation of the Municipality of West Nipissing under the Harris Conservative government resulted in dramatic increases in property taxes in 1999 for those cottagers in Bertram Township. Municipal services (or lack of them) have become very important issues. Cottagers on the south side of the river (in Patterson and Hardy Townships) were not affected by the 1999 amalgamation. The UFRCA was legally incorporated as a not-for-profit business in 2007.

Bruce Allen was the first President of the UFRCA. He was instrumental in establishing a strong foundation to ensure that the UFRCA would be progressive and prosperous. Over the years the association has been fortunate to have a strong volunteer base, and many members have volunteered to assume various responsibilities. 

Previous Presidents include:

  • Bruce Allen 1992 -1996
  • Peter Rooney 1996-97
  • Walter Harley 1997-2001
  • Bill Goodwin 2001-03
  • David Goodwin 2003-05
  • Bill Goodwin 2005-06
  • Paul Cormier 2006-09
  • Dave Minden 2009-17
  • Sam Goodwin 2017-

Previous Directors And Committee Alumni:

  • Helen Allison; John Follis; Muir Summer
  • Rob Hepburn; Dr. Irving Williams; Roy Harris
  • William Granger; Norma Nickle; Cyndi Ross
  • Jim Hardy; Larry Smith
  • Dave Goodwin; Gretchen Stringer; Bill Goodwin
  • Rene Bourgeault; Harold Meyer Jr.
  • Amanda Derks; Garrie Roman; John McFadgen; Amy Watkins (Secretary 2009-11)
  • Paul Cormier
  • Beth Depatie
  • Geordie Hendrie; Jane Eastmure
  • Kaely McDermott
  • Grant Hobson
  • Kathy LaBranche; Liz Gallagher
  • Peter Rooney, Holly Waters, Liz Gribbon

If you know other alumni Executive, please let us know so that we can recognize their contributions.